Anita's rail watch 12-30-2013

Caboose down @ Poor Boys RR in FO, I just spent a week in Stuart to see my mother & brother for xmas, and amazingly doing well enough to drive myself to mp216 and watch 101 and 202!! 

ECH and Jim first on 101 with 105, 715 and 427 with LOTS of toots, horns and waves as my sparklers were lighting up the evening sky.  MTG showed up long after they went by and never got out of vehicle, but decided to head north as it was going to be a long wait for 202.  I almost gave up, as no atcs with me, green came on almost 45 mins or more before they showed up.  Too dark for me to see the engines, but could see rock., Walmart and racks.  Guess they had to stop nin FO for pick up.  No problem to wait, as playing with my new Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone to try and make myself smarter!  Good luck.  Had fantastic toots from 202, as think they really enjoyed the sparklers.  If memory serves me correct, eot for 101 @5:25 and 202 @ 7:32. 

Off to dinner @ Marsh Landing and some good grub to finish a great evening.  Bob Harris, hope you are reading this to see how well all is doing for me after hip replacement.  Thinking of you.

Happy Rails and New Year to all!

Anita caboose